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Παρασκευή 31 Μαΐου 2019

Music event for the sea

The students of 5th grade, by creating "Out of subject box-Water-Erasmus +" educational activities, participated as a choir at the 20th May 2019 musical event dedicated to the European Maritime Day in Neorio Moro. At the event, co-organized by the Sailing Club of Chania and the Regional Unity of Chania, songs were played with lyrics by N. Gatsos.

Κυριακή 19 Μαΐου 2019

Singing in the rain

5th grade:
School, escaping from the narrow framework of traditional teaching, can bring forth and develop children's skills that will help them to structure their emotional world as a worthy of a new society with a primary focus on man and his environment.
5th grade students suggested and performed the well-known "Singing in the Rain" within the framework of the Erasmus + “Out of Subject Box”, announcing that out of the box can be great creations, contributing to the development of a modern pedagogical system.

Τρίτη 14 Μαΐου 2019

The journey of the “Droppy”

3rd grade: This semester we occupied ourselves with water with the help of our friend, Droppy, which told us everything she saw, listened and lived during her imaginary journey.
Droppy met Poseidon, the ancient God of the Sea and his wife, Amfitrite. We read a book about him and drew him.
Then, Droppy joined the circle of water. We joined it, too, through videos on You Tube.
Then we talked about where water can be found on earth and made a beautiful poster. We were very sorry to be informed that in many places around the world there is lack of water.
In the end, with Droppy’s help, we wrote and drew in small drops the necessity of water.
Subjects involved: Languge, Art, History
Teacher: Dona – Maria Kavroulaki

The sounds of water

3rd grade: We listened to the sound of the waves, holding a nylon sheet and then we entered into the “stormy water”.

We created the sound of the sea with percussion instruments.

We listened to the sound of the rain with the help of plastic bottles.

We blew into a small pipe and listened to a slight whistle, and blew into the water and watched bubbles. Then, we blew into straws, which didn’t make any sound at all! But then, when we blew into the water, small bubbles were created once again.

Sublects involved: Music, Theater
Teacher: Dona – Maria Kavroulaki, Irini Mamasi

Water: The source of life

2nd grade: We talked about the role of Water in our daily lives and made a Water Cycle model.

Aim – Objective: To help the pupils discover the amazing journey of water through the Water Cycle and understand how water gets to our houses through experiential learning activities.
It was based on an interdisciplinary approach which integrated Language, Environmental Education (EE) and Art.
The “project method”.

Water Sports

2nd grade: We “dived” into the world of water sports: We learned about sports that take place in the sea, in rivers, in swimming pool water and on ice.
First, we searched for and found photographs about sports that occur in or on the water and then, we discussed and gathered information. In the end, we created a collage about water sports.

Σάββατο 11 Μαΐου 2019

Water reflections

5th grade:
Students, working on Erasmus + "Out of subject box" during the "Water" period, created paintings with chalk. These works refer to the reflections of water and the symmetry that these images create.
Their surprise was great from the result, as well as their engagement with a material like chalk, a material unknown to them.
Then the project was disseminated to the local community, exhibiting the works, in collaboration with the Sailing Club of Chania in Neorio Moro
Subjects involved: Mathematics, Art