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Τρίτη 14 Ιανουαρίου 2020

Making planets

Making planets out of simple materials
Grade: First grade of Elementary School
Our next project concerning Space would be to make our solar system, using simple materials, such us newspaper, balloon, paints and white glue through a technique called: papier macher. After studying thoroughly each planet through books and videos and talking about its shape, size in relation to Earth and distance from the Sun, we started working: first we cut the newspaper sheets into stripes, we blew the balloon, so it would have the proper size and shape, we soaked the stripes into the glue and put them onto the balloon. Once dried, we broke the balloon, and painted each planet, trying to look like the real one! Through this activity, which took up much of our time for many days, the children were able to practice their minor skill ability, to improve co–operation and communication skills and, of course, they learned so much about our solar system through the most experiential manner!
Subjects involved: Arts, Science 

Feast of the Stars

Choreography: “Feast of the Stars”
Grade: First grade of Elementary School

Music, speech and movement are already found in Ancient Greek Drama, while the existence of traditional singing games, over time and worldwide, proves that music kinetics has never ceased to be a means of education. At the beginning of the 20th century, the first attempts were made to integrate the above arts for educational purposes, and so the curriculum of physical education included music-kinetic education, which, through its chosen themes, contributes to the realization of the purpose and goals of physical education, as it enables children to build on their existing experiences to develop motor, cognitive, and emotional fulfillment.
As part of the music-kinetic education module in the first trimester, the children were selected to work on the song "Feast of the Stars". The goals achieved are as follows:
        Interdisciplinary approach to space, constellations, planets
        Development of movement and motor expression skills
        Development of acoustic and space perception
        Development of kinetic creativity and collaboration

Subjects involved: Physical Education, Music

…The song “Feast of the Stars” talks about a great feast in the sky, a party in which all the stars and constellations take part, creating a magical atmosphere… !

We’ll turn off the lights of the city and the houses
Tonight we’ll have Feast of the Stars!
Poulia will take over the bar and drinks
and the Great Bear will bring the ice- creams!
The Pleiades will bring the lights
and the Polar Star will start the dance
Saturn will play the trumpet, Scorpio will play the drums
Orion will play the piano, and Janus the guitar!