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Παρασκευή 21 Δεκεμβρίου 2018

Carols-skype meeting-erasmus+

    On 20/12/2018 a skype connection was made to the school in Slovenia, with which we are together in Erasmus +. The children said the carols in the Greek language and heard them in the Slovenian language. It was a delightful experience, unprecedented for them. We exchanged wishes and we will repeat it with the next opportunity. Best wishes around the world !!!

Σάββατο 24 Νοεμβρίου 2018

Giantdoll - "We are"

The doll, by its nature, is an object that confuses the boundaries of reality and imagination, as it is an object of art with high symbolism and autonomous existence (Cohen, 2007).
“…is the representation of a living being, more or less true. It varies in proportions, is able to make predetermined movements and can give birth to all kinds of emotions, mental states and attitudes. In summary, she has dramatic skills and is animated, either openly or secretly, in any way invented by her handler” (Manier, 1953).
The children of 5th grade worked together, both for the construction and for the animation of the giantdoll. All of them have benefited greatly from it as a pedagogical and expressive medium, as they have overcome fears and expressed their needs through the doll that personalizes their dreams and concerns and expresses their deeper feelings.
They printed on the doll words such as: Stress, Optimism, Memories, Selfconfidence, Dissatisfaction, Unhappiness, Surprise, Hope, Trust, Success, Happiness, Courage, Anger, Kindness, Cry, Sadness, Repentance, Hatred, Loneliness, Bitterness, Faith, Pain, Emotion, Forgiveness, Patience, Joy.
We thank the Technical University of Crete for allowing us to disseminate the project on the day of Science and Technology on 10/11/2018. (5th grade)

war and peace

Movement is the basic ability of the human body. Various emotions are expressed through movement, like hostility, hatred, brutality, but also love, bonding, friendship, forgiveness.
Expressive dance is the best way to show these emotions.
Our goal was to put our students into a process of emprovement through an experiential role play. Unfortunately, war is more timely than ever. What we need is peace. This is the message from the 5th grade. ⏯You_Tube_Link

Vital organs and skeleton

Vital organs hit the door of our class! (2nd grade)
What do you say to open them?
Getting to know my body the bones and the internal organs. We made the skeleton and placed the pieces in the correct piece. We learned about where each should be placed and the function of each organ in the human body.
I learn how to breathe property with the diaphragm and the function of the lungs through an experiment we did.
We also exploded the human bud through art!

Love yourself-it doesn’t matter song

When we finished the other projects regarding the human body, we decided to compose a song about the importance to love oneself and to respect the dissimilarity of the human body, in order to enhaunce self – confidence.
The pupils starting by saying pairs of opposite words (eg. Tall – short, thin – chappy…), which were written on board. Then they translated those words in English. This way we started writing the lyrics of the song. The teacher started the first sentence, pointing out what the song would be about. The pupils came up with a title and, by completing one the idea of the other, the song was finally written. Afterwards, the Music teacher of our school, mr, Nikos Perakis, wrote the music for the song. 6th grade. 
⏯You_Tube_Link (press the button-bottom right- on the video to display the subtitles)

Listen to your heart-blood choreography

Through a choreography we presented the blood-circulation. 3rd grade.

KINETIC CREATIVITY-Playing the statues

1) When the music starts, children (2nd grade) begin to move around space making body shapes. When the music stops, after the teacher’s guidance, the children begin to join: Two hands, two legs, one hand and one leg, head and elbow, etc
2) Body shapes in combination with objects (for example, rhythmic crowns)
3) Body shapes in relation to the ground. Two feet touching the ground, two hands and one foot touching the ground, two legs and one hand touching the ground, neither the legs nor the hands touching the ground
Instructive targets: kinesthetic perception, acoustic perception, visual perception, ability to co – ordinate and co- operate, kinetic creative expression and imagination
      Methods of reproduction: order method, method guided by inventiveness