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Δευτέρα 23 Δεκεμβρίου 2019

SPACE CITY of the future

6th grade: Continuing their work with the Erasmus+ while working in space, the children imagined and created a model of the city of the future, located in the far corners of space.
With simple materials and imagination, they gave a four-dimensional (4D) representation of the place and time of the universe, where future generations will live, with the expectation of always having the human element.



We travelled to space as astronauts!
First, we read books about space and watched YouTube videos about planets and astronauts’ life aboard a spacecraft.
Then we were divided into three groups. We collaborated and wrote stories about an imaginary journey to space. We put on astronaut helmets, made of white and black cardboard, and travelled to the magical space with its beautiful stars and constellations.
We also built and created a structure showing our spaceship’s journey to space. We took a plastic plate, coloured it and cut it. Then we glued our paper spaceship craft and several paper stars on the plate.  

Involved courses: Language, Arts

A strange journey
On a hot summer day, we started a journey from Earth to the planet Uranus. Not long afterwards, we were forced to land on the planet Saturn as we had run out of fuel. We had the chance to find out that Saturn was a very beautiful planet.
All of a sudden, we spotted a spaceship in the background. As we were approaching, we realized that it wasn’t actually a spaceship but a UFO with five aliens inside of it. One of them looked like a cockroach! We managed to grasp him but eventually decided to let him go back to his friends.
After that, we started exploring the planet. We met some other aliens who put music on and so, we danced all together. Later on, we found a giant squid which had three eyes, eight heads and twenty legs. We were very scared but we soon realized that it was friendly. In fact, it wanted to help us return to Earth.
All at once, the squib turned into a princess, the princess of Cronus. We were so excited when we saw her! Eventually, she managed to bring us back home to Earth aboard her own spaceship.
We had a great time on this magical journey!

We’re off to Jupiter!
We set out on a beautiful journey and reached the planet Jupiter where we saw a red spot. There were a lot of stones and wonderful colours all around. It was very windy, too. We visited a town populated by aliens, who were incredibly hospitable.
Soon afterwards, the aliens took us to their lab and showed us a secret machine which transferred us to the red spot. We saw hundreds of aliens there and in the background we spotted their king. Later on, they gave us a tour of their planet and showed us some strange things we had never seen before.
After we had gone out of the red spot, an alien called Β767877 pushed a button. Suddenly, a house, an amazing rocket and a stage appeared before us. Then, all the aliens came along and sang a wonderful song in . . . alienish (that is, in their own language).
Unfortunately, we had to go back to Earth. We were all so disappointed! When we returned to Earth, we told our story to our parents and became famous.

The magnificent journey to Mars
A few days ago we went on a mission to the planet Mars. We were among the greatest astronauts in the world because we had always been the first to accomplish a mission.
As we were travelling to Mars, we realized we had been losing fuel due to a mechanical breakdown in our spaceship. So we had no choice but to stop somewhere. Suddenly, we fell roughly onto the surface of the Moon.
We put on our spacesuits and got out of the spaceship. We met  a few little aliens, with three balls on their heads, who were very happy to spend some time with us. We told them about the problem we had with our spaceship and they, in turn, led us to a hiding place with a lot of energy supplies inside of it. Luckily, the small creatures let us take some energy and use it as fuel for our spaceship.
They put us up for a few days but soon we had to say goodbye to each other. We continued our journey to the planet Mars. As our spaceship was tearing through the skies, we saw a red planet from far way. It was Mars!
We were so excited because we would be the first to discover that planet. We were fully equipped with robots and powerful cameras, which helped us explore the planet. In the end, we planted a Greek flag into the Martian ground.
Discovering the planet Mars made us very famous. Thus, we became the richest astronauts in the world.